RedTube Review & Rating

RedTube review

RedTube is a highly reputable online destination for adult videos. The website offers a tremendous variety of different clips, all of which are available even to non-members. All of the videos are neatly categorized and laid out in a simple manner, which allows you to jump from one category to another within seconds. These advantages explain why millions of users worldwide visit this website every day and find exactly what they are looking for on RedTube. Besides, the size of the site’s userbase promises a fantastic selection of amateurs broadcasting themselves live on camera.
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The most important feature of RedTube is also its most obvious one – it is a great spot to enjoy free sex videos online. These videos are combined into different categories, allowing users to browse by category or simply to narrow down their choice and find specifically what they are interested in. 

You may start by browsing the “Pornstar Directory” if you have a particular performer in mind. Keep up with regular updates from those performers who release new videos. Also, you may check out the suggested selections of top-rated videos, most viewed and most favored clips, as well as those uploaded most recently. Each video has its own rating based on feedback from users like you. This enables one to get an idea about the quality of a given video without viewing it. 

Furthermore, RedTube also caters to the tastes of those who are looking not only to watch adult videos, but are also interested in local hookups. If you are one of them, you are certain to enjoy the website’s “Meet & Fuck” section. Just in case you are curious what else is out there, direct links to other adult websites will be listed at the very top of the page.


Apart from a fantastic range of amazing features and a stunning selection of adult videos, what makes RedTube even better is the fact that it is entirely free. Furthermore, no hidden fees are associated with membership on RedTube.


Although RedTube has developed a wonderfully convenient mobile version of its platform that optimizes perfectly for a smaller screen such as a smartphone, this also points out the site’s most obvious weakness. The thing is that whenever you are using the mobile version of the site, you are only allowed to watch a limited number of videos per day. Of course, this is bad news for those who would like to watch more of exciting adult videos when they happen to be away from their laptop or desktop computer.


Overall, it would be fair to argue that RedTube has fully earned its outstanding reputation of a trustworthy online destination for adult videos. For several years now, millions of users worldwide have been choosing RedTube as their primary platform for adult video entertainment, as well as for opportunities to hook up with local singles. Taking into the account the fact that RedTube is entirely free and doesn’t even require one to sign up before watching videos makes the question whether it’s worth checking out a no-brainer.